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Click here to order a copy: Essential Truths of the Christian Faith

A Review:

R. C. Sproul’s ‘Essential Truths’ is just that: essential. For anyone new to the Christian faith, or for anyone seeking answers to what Christians believe, this book will be a welcome read.

Sproul tackles all of the major tenets of Christianity from “Who is God” to “What is Heaven like?” What does baptism mean? What is sanctification? Should I obey the government? etc.

The book contains 102 chapters, none of which runs more than three or four pages. The bite-sized chunks are perfect for personal daily reading or for group study. Each chapter also contains (more…)

Reviews and ratings of Biblical, theological and practical Christian works

Commentaries combines reviews and ratings from journals, books, and users to create an aggregate ranking for Biblical commentaries.

Some professors give student their own lists and some have even published their list (notably D. A. Carson, Tremper Longman, III, John Glynn, and Jim Rosscup), but these are not available in one place. has collected these scholarly reviews and averaged them along with reviews from other ministries like John Piper’s Desiring God Ministries, R. C. Sproul’s Ligonier Ministries, and the Denver Seminary Journal as well as users of the site. The individual reviews are still extremely valuable, but together they can help students at all levels to make good, informed decisions about which commentaries they should purchase.

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