Some Available Titles & Authors

Books Listed by Author

Alexander, Archibald
 Thoughts on Religious Experience

Anderson, Brian
 Overwhelmed by His Grace

Augustine (345-430)
 Confessions, The Enchiridion & On Christian Doctrine
 A Treatise on Grace and Free Will
 A Treatise on the Gift of Perseverance
 The City of God
 Anti Pelagious Writings
 On Christian Doctrine
 Predestination of the Saints

Bates, William 1625-1699 The Queen’s Puritan
The Great Duty of Resignation
Sermons on the Forgiveness of Sin
Spiritual Perfection unfolded and enforced

Beckwith, Francis J.
 “Why I am Not a Relativist.” In Why I Am A Christian (.pdf)

Berkhof, Louis
 Summary of Christian Doctrine
 Manual of Christian Doctrine

Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)
 The Reformed Pastor
 The Saints’ Everlasting Rest
 Directions for Young Christians (20 chapters)
 The Cure of Melancholy and Overmuch Sorrow, by Faith

Beeke, Joel
Family Worship (.pdf)
Bringing the Gospel to Covenant Children (.pdf)

Binning, Hugh
 The Common Principles of the Christan Religion

Boettner, Loraine
 The Inspiration Of Scripture
 The Reformed Faith
 Limited Atonement
 Calvinism in History
 The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination
One of the best overall treatments of the doctrines of grace. Readable style and strongly recommended

Bonar, Andrew
 Sermons, Addresses and Articles

Bonar, Horatius (1808-1889)
 Follow the Lamb
 Bible Thoughts and Themes
 God’s Way of Peace, A Book for the Anxious
 God’s Way of Holiness
 How Shall I Go to God?
 Words to Winners of Souls
 The Rent Veil
 Bible Thoughts and themes (OT)
 some works
 The Everlasting Righteousness – The Everlasting Righteousness is an excellent study on the Biblical doctrine of justification

Booth, Abraham
 The Reign of Grace – classic on the Sovereign Grace of God

Boston, Thomas (1667-1732)
 The Beauties of Boston
 Human Nature in its Fourfold State
 The Sinfulness of Man’s Natural State
 Memoirs of the Life, Time, and Writings Thomas Boston
 The Crook in the Lot
 The Art of Manfishing
 Christ’s Name Wonderful
 The Evil and Danger of Schism

Bounds, E.M.
 Necessity of Prayer
 Possibilities of Prayer
 Power Through Prayer

Boyce, James Petigru (1773-1844)
 Abstract of Systematic Theology

Bradford, John (1555
 Writings of the Rev. John Bradford

Bronson, Charles
The Extent of the Atonement

Brooks, Thomas
 The Mute Christian under the Smarting Rod
 Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices (.pdf)
 The Privy Key to Heaven

Bruce, A. B.
 The Training of the Twelve

 The New Testament Documents: Are they Reliable?

Buchanan, James
 The Doctrine of Justification

Bunyan, John (1628-1688)
 The Pilgrim’s Progress
 A Treatise of the Fear of God
 Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners
 Reprobation Asserted
 The Resurrection of the Dead and Eternal Judgement
 The Straight Gate
 The Holy War
 A Discourse Upon the Pharisee and the Publican

Burroughs Jeremiah (1599-1646)
 The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment (Online Public Domain Book)

CALVIN, JOHN (1509-1564)
 Calvin’s Calvinism: Treatises on the Eternal Predestination of God
 Calvin’s Commentaries
 Institutes of the Christian Religion
 The Necessity of Reforming the Church (1543)
 Calvin On The Christian Life
 Psychopannychia (Soul-sleep)
 The Necessity of Reforming the Church

Carey, William
 An Enquiry into the Obligations of
Christians to Use Means for the
Conversion of the Heathens

Chalmers, Thomas
Loving God & Loving the World (22 part study)
scroll down page to find study

Charnock, Stephen
 Selections: The Existence and Attributes of God
 On Regeneration

Clark, Stephen B.
 Man and Woman in Christ: An Examination of the Roles of Men and Women in Light of Scripture and the Social Sciences

Cheung, Vincent
 Systematic Theology
 Prayer and Revelation
 Born Again
 Presuppositional Confrontations
 Ultimate Questions

Cole, C.D.
 The Bible Doctrine of Election
 Evangelical Repentance
The Lord Jesus came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. It is produced by the Spirit ofChrist in the regeneration and sanctification of a sinner, and is absolutely essential to the character of a true Christian.

Colquhoun, John

Crampton, Gary
 Built Upon the Rock: A Study of the Doctrine of the Church (.pdf)
 Toward a Christian Worldview (.pdf)
 Christ the Mediator: A Study in Westminster Christology (.pdf)

Custance, Arthur
 The Sovereignty of Grace
 The Seed of the Woman (Plan of Redemption)

Dabney, Robert Lewis (1820-1898)
 The Five Points of Calvinism
 An R. L. Dabney Anthology
 Free Agency and the Will
 Christ our Penal Substitute

 Manual of Theology
 A Treatise on Church Order

Dever, Mark E.
 Nine Marks of a Healthy Church (.pdf)
 Polity: Biblical Arguments on How to Conduct Church Life: A Collection of Historic Baptist Documents

 D’Aubigne, J. H. Merle
History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century

Doddridge, Philip (1702-1751)
 The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul

Durham, James
 The Fourth Commandment

Dostoevsky, Fyodor Mikhailovich
 The Brothers Karamozov
 Documents of the Early Church

Edersheim, Alfred
 The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah

Edwards, Jonathan (1703-1758)
 The Works of Jonathan Edwards
 Treatise on Grace
 The Great Christian Doctrine of Original Sin
 A Faithful Narrative of the Surprising Work of God
 Religious Affections
 The Nature of True Virtue (.pdf)
 Ecclesiastical Writings
 The History of Redemption (.pdf)
 Unpublished Treatise on the Trinity
 Edwards on Corporate Prayer For Revival
 David Brainerd
 Other Writings

Flavel, John (1630-1691)
 On Keeping the Heart
 Christ Altogether Lovely
 Other Works
 The Method of Grace in the Gospel Redemption
 The Fountain of Life Opened Up
 The Mystery of Providence

Foxe, John (1516-1587)
 Foxes book of Martyrs

Gerstner, John
Biblical Inerrancy

Gibson, Jonathan
 The Story of a Kingdom: A Simple Explanation of the Bible (pdf)

Gill, John (1697-1771)
 The Worship of God, or Practical Religion
 Complete Works

Gillespie, George
 Assurance of an Interest in Christ
 Wholesome Severity Reconciled with Christian Liberty
 Holy Days take away our Christian Liberty Proved
 The Ruling Elder An Assertion of the Government of the Church of Scotland (.pdf)

Grudem, Wayne
 Evangelical Feminism and Biblical Truth

Gurnal, William
 The Christian In Complete Armor

Guthrie, William (1620-1665)
 The Christian’s Great Interest

 Thoughts on the Love of Christ
 Christ and Him Crucified
 Wanderings of a Pilgrim
 Immanuel’s Land
 The Start of Bethlehem, A Guide to the Savior

Hellenbroek, Abraham
 A Specimen Of Divine Truths

Henry, Matthew (1706-1721)
 Commentary on the Whole Bible

Hodge, Charles (1797-1878)
 The Covenant of Grace
 Systematic Theology
 What is Presbyterianism?
 Systematic Theology Volume 1 (PDF)
 Systematic Theology Volume 2 (PDF)
 Systematic Theology Volume 3 (PDF)

Howell, R. B. C.
 The Covenants

Hugo, Victor
 Les Miserables

Ironside, H. A.
 Holiness: The False and the True (1912)
Every present Holiness, Pentecostal and especially every United Pentecostal person, needs to read this book.

Jaffray Jr., George R.
 Explosive Evangelism

James, John Angell
 Female Piety—The Young Woman’s Guide through Life to Immortality
 The Young Man’s Friend and Guide Through Life to Immortality
 The Young Man Leaving Home
 CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP: The Church Member’s Guide
 The Sunday School Teacher’s Guide
 CHRISTIAN LOVE, or the Influence of Religion upon Temper

Jong, Peter Y. D.
 The Covenant Idea in New England Theology (.Pdf)

Karlberg, Mark W.
 Covenant Theology in Reformed Perspective (.pdf)

Keller, Tim
 A 20-Day Study in Stewardship

Kersten, G.H.
 The Heidelberg Catechism in 52 Sermons

Kuyper, Abraham (1837-1920)
 The Work of the Holy Spirit
 Lectures on Calvinism: The Stone Lectures of 1898 Six Lectures Delivered at Princeton University, 1898 under the auspices of the L. P. Stone Foundation
Ladd, George Eldon
 The Last Things: An Eschatology For Laymen

Luther, Martin (1483-1586)
 CCELs works of Martin Luther
 Table Talk of Martin Luther
 A Treatise on Good Works
 Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians (1535)
 Bondage of the Will – Martin Luther’s Magnum Opus – De Servo Arbitrio (pdf)
 On the Babylonish Captivity of the Church
 On Secular Authority
 Works of Martin Luther

 The Night Watches
 The Rainbow in the Clouds
 The Thoughts of God
 Memories of Patmos (Revelation)
 The Shepherd and His Flock
 A Chapter in Providence & Grace
 Rest and Refreshment in the Valleys
 Memories of Bethany

Machen, J. Gresham (1923)
 Christianity & Liberalism
 The Christian Faith in the Modern World
 Three Articles on Atonement
 Christian Faith in a Modern World
 The Gospel in the Modern World

Manton, Thomas (1620-1677)
 A Practical Exposition of the Lord’s Prayer
 Christ’s Transfiguration practically explained
 Christ’s Temptation
 Christ’s eternal existence and the Dignity of his person asserted and proved
 Sermons upon John 17
 A Treatise on Self-Denial
 An Estimate of Manton by J.C.Ryle in 1870

 The Doctrine of the Sovereignty of God

Mauro, Philip (1859-1952)
 The Hope of Israel: What Is It?

Mather, Cotton (1663-1728)
 Writings of Cotton Mather

M’Cheyne, Robert Murray (1813 – 1843)
 M’Cheyne’s Calendar for Daily Bible Readings
 The Glory of the Christian Dispensation

Melville, Herman
 Moby Dick

Miller, Samuel
 The Ruling Elder

More, Hannah
 Practical Piety

Murray, John
 The Covenant of Grace
 The Sovereignty of God

Murrell, Stanford E.
 The Doctrines of Grace Scripturally Defended
 Church History 1 & 2 When the Church Was Young A.D. 33 – 754 & The Church in the Middle Ages A.D. 754 – 1517

Newberry, Thomas 1811 – 1901
 Types of the Tabernacle
 Types of the Temple

Newcomb, Harvey
 The Young Man’s Guide to the Harmonious Development of Christian Character
 The Young Lady’s Guide to the Harmonious Development of Christian Character

Newton, John
( Pastor, Theologian, and Author of America’s favorite hymn, “Amazing Grace”).
 “The Doctrines of Election and Final Perseverance”

Ness, Christopher
 An Antidote against Arminianism

O’Connor, Flannery
 Online Essays and Books

Olasky, Marvin
 TELLING THE TRUTH: How to Revitalize Christian Journalism

 Thoughts on the Will

Orr, James
 Christian View of God and the World

Owen, John (1616-1683)
 The Death of Death (Highly Recommended)
 A Display of Arminianism
 Being Spiritually Minded
 Of the Mortification of Sin in Believers
 On Temptation
 A Practical Exposition of Psalm 130
 Christologia: or a Declaration of the Glorious Mystery of the Person of Christ
 Gospel Grounds and Evidences of the Faith of God’s Elect
 The Doctrine of Justification by Faith
 The Glory of Christ
 Of Communion With God|
 The Life of John Owen
 The Doctrine of the Trinity
(Many more available)
Pascal, Blaise

A. T. Pierson
 Biography of George Mueller

Pink, Arthur W. (1886-1952)
 Chapters 4 (Heart Work) and 5 (Sleepy Saints) of Practical Christianity
 Studies on Saving Faith
 The Sovereignty of God
 Gleanings in the Godhead
 Inspiration of the Scriptures
 Regeneration or the New Birth
 The Holy Spirit
 The Doctrine of Justification
 The Total Depravity of Man
 The Doctrine of Man’s Impotence
 The Attributes of God
 Arthur Pink Archive (extensive)
 Pink Gems: The Writings of Arthur Pink
 The Satisfaction of Christ: Studies in the Atonement

Philpot, J.C.
 The Eternal Sonship of the Lord Jesus Christ

Piper, John
 Desiring God
 The Pleasures of God
 Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
 Fifty Crucial Questions
 Dont Waste Your Life (pdf)
+Chapters 1-2
+Chapters 3-5
+Chapters 6-8
+ Chapters 9-10
A Hunger for God by John Piper (pdf)
+Introduction and Chapter 1
+ Chapters 2-4
+ Chapters 5-6
+ Chapter 7, Conclusion and Appendix
+ Bibliography and Notes
Counted Righteous in Christ NEW!
Should We Abandon the Imputation of Christ’s Righteousness?
+ Chapters 1-2 (PDF)
+Chapter 3 (PDF)
+Chapter 4, Bibliography, Index (PDF)
+Purchase “Counted Righteous in Christ”
God’s Passion for His Glory
+ Part 1, Chapter 1 (PDF)
+ Part 1, Chapters 2-3 (PDF)
+ Part 2, Introduction (PDF)
+ Part 2, Chapter 1 (PDF)
+ Part 2, Chapter 2 and Indexes (PDF)

Poythress, Vern
 The Gender Neutral Bible Controversy
 The Returning King: A Guide to the Book of Revelation
 Understanding Dispensationalism
 God-Centered Biblical Interpretation
 Redeeming Science (.pdf)

Plummer, William
 Offices of Christ

 Spiritual Exercises of the Heart
 The Believer’s Companion in Solitude
 Christian Experience, as Displayed in the Life and Writings of Paul

Reed, Kevin
 Biblical Church Government

 Doctrine and Devotion
 God’s Will, Man’s Will and Free Will
 A Southern Baptist Looks at the Biblical Doctrine of Election by Ernest Reisinger

 The Sovereignty Of God In Providence
 But I Say Unto You
 Abraham’s Four Seeds
 When Should a Christian Leave a Church
 Tablets of Stone

Rice, N.L.
 God Sovereign and Man Free

Roden, John
 Man’s Ruin . . . God’s Remedy

Romaine, William (1714-1795)
 The Self-Existence of Jesus Christ
 The Life, Walk, and Triumph of Faith

Rutherford, Samuel
 A Selection from His Letters
 Against Separatism
 Lex Rex

Ryle, J.C. (1816-1900)
 Holiness (entire book)
 Practical Religion
 The Duties of Christian Parents (.pdf)
Holiness – Book and four-part study (rtf format)
Part I… Part II… answer key
Part III… Part IV…answer key

Schwertley, Brian
 Sola Scriptura And the Regulative Principle of Worship
 The Atonement of Jesus Christ
 God’s Law For Modern Man
 Sovereign Grace An Examination of the Five Points of Calvinism

Shaw, Robert
 The Reformed Faith An Exposition Of The Westminster Confession Of Faith

Sibbs, Richard
 A Description of Christ
 The Bruised Reed New!

L. R. Shelton, Jr.
The True Gospel of Christianity versus the False Gospel of Carnal Christianity Part I (rtf), Part II; plus answer key for students
 Man’s Ruin—God’s Redemption (.rtf)

Shepard, Thomas
 The Change Of The Sabbath

Books from A. B. Simpson

Smith, Ralph A.
 The Covenantal Structure of the Bible: An Introduction to the Bible

Spring, Gardiner
 The Distinguishing Traits of Christian Character

Sproul R.C.
Essential Truths of the Christian Faith(.pdf)

Spurgeon, Charles Haddon (1843-1892)
 A Defence of Calvinism
 All of Grace
 An All-Round Ministry: A wonderful collection of addresses to ministers and students. One of Spurgeon’s finest works.
 A Puritan Catechism With Proofs
 Till He Come
 The Soul Winner
 The Need of Decision for the Truth &
Earnestness: Its Marring and Maintenance
 The Soul Winner
 The Treasury of David

Strauch, Alexander
Biblical Eldership (rtf format) plus answer key for students

Stevenson, George
 The Offices of Christ

Peter Toon
 Peter Toon books Online (Reformed Anglican)

Tozer, A. W.
 The Pursuit of God
 Tozer’s Devotional

Dr. Van Lees
 The Doctrines of Salvation
 The Doctrines of Grace

Geerhardus Vos
 The Mosaic Origin of the Pentateuchal Codes

Warfield, Benjamin B. (1851-1921)
 Biblical Doctrines
 Works of Warfield

 A Divine Cordial
 A Body of Divinity (Highly recommended)
 The Beatitudes
 The Art of Divine Contentment
 Thomas Watson Reading Room
 The Ten Commandments
 The Lord’s Prayer
 The Christian Soldier
 Godly Man’s Picture

Wilberforce, William
 Real Christianity

Winslow, Mary
 Walking with Jesus

 No Condemnation in Christ Jesus
 Morning Thoughts
 Evening Thoughts
 Christ & the Christian in Temptation,
 Titles of Christ
 From Grace to Glory
 Glimpses of Truth as it is in Jesus
 Grace and Truth
 Help Heavenward
 Lights and Shadows of Spiritual Life
 Midnight Harmonies
 Our God
 Soul Heights and Soul Depths
 The Foot of the Cross
 The Fullness of Christ
 The Inner Life
 The Man of God
 The Ministry of Home
 The Nightingale Song of David
 The Precious Things of God,
 The Sympathy of Christ
 The Tree of Life
 The Holy Spirit, An Experimental and Practical View

 The Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man Classic Covenant Theology!

 Sermons of the Reverend George Whitefield
 A Letter from George Whitefield to the Rev. Mr. John Wesley

Wylie, J.A.
 The History of Protestantism
History of The Scottish Nation in 3 volumes
 The Papacy: Its History, Dogmas, Genius, and Prospects

Zanchius, Jerome
 Absolute Predestination

Zaspel, Fred
Spiritual Leaders in the Local Church
Who are they? What are they to do? What are we to think of them?

Zens, Jon
 “As I Have Loved You” John 13:34 The Starting point of Christian Obediance

  1. Basil O' Connell - Jones says:

    Please send 1) John Owen the death of the death of Christ 2) spurgeon The soul winner 3) Lorraine bother reformed theology

    Thanks basil

  2. shayne says:

    Can I get sermons of George Whitefield please?

  3. Des says:

    Will you please send me the complete set that you have of John Piper, if possible? I know that this is a tall ask, but oh so juicy. Warm blessings. Des

  4. shayne says:

    Can you sent me Athur Pink’s “The sovereignty of God” and “Total depravity of man” please?

  5. Enslin van Velden says:

    Will you please send me John Piper’s book: God is the Gospel.

    Thank you

  6. Drmajdi says:

    Please send me a copy of John Owen’s “doctrine of the trinity”,”pneumatology”and”display of Armenianism”

  7. Mandi says:

    May I have this book Please: Bible Thoughts and themes (OT)

    • Hi Mandi

      We love serving you through this ministry but we would ask you to please take note of this message on our front page: “Because of the high number of requests we have to process in a day please do not ask us for more than one or two books a day!”

      There are 14 books in the “Conversation Series” we have attached all of them for your request today. Please come back another day for your other requests.

      Your friends at Search & Trace.

  8. elroy finck says:

    please send a copy of ‘summary of christian doctrine – Berkhof.

  9. elroy finck says:

    Please send a copy of “family worship” and “bringing the gospel to covenant children” by Joel Beeke

  10. elroy finck says:

    Please provide a copy of “Directions for young christians” – Baxter and the “young man’s guide to christian character”

  11. D Zekveld says:

    Will you please send me John Calvin’s “Institutes of the Christian Religion.”. Thank you for your valuable resources!
    Deanna Zekveld

  12. Anthony says:

    Dear S&T,
    Is there a book by AW Pink on the sermon on the mount? I have a copy of Martin Lloyd Jones’s book which I have throughly enjoyed reading it every day with my wife for over a year.

  13. Andries says:

    i am looking for a book “awake my heart” by J. Sidlow Baxter
    if it is possible to get this. thanks

  14. Laetitia Hanekom says:

    Please could you send me the following book: Evangelical Feminism and Biblical Truth by Wayne Grudem if it is still available.

    Many thanks,

  15. Elroy Finck says:

    Please send a copy of “directions for young christians”

  16. Hi. Could you please send me a .MOBI copy of ‘the reformed pastor’ by Richard Baxter? Thank you.

  17. Hi, how are you today? Wanted to request for a .MOBI version of ‘Power through prayer’ by E. M. Bounds (The limit is two books per day so i couldn’t ask for it yesterday w/ my earlier request).
    As always, thank you.

  18. Andrew Z says:

    Can I please have Geerhardus Vos- The Mosaic Origin of the Pentateuchal Codes and Thomas Watson- The Ten Commandments?

    Thanks so much!

  19. Hanneke says:

    Dear Search and Trace Friends,

    I am looking for John Calvin’s commentary on the Psalms. If you have it, could you please send me a copy.


  20. Hi. Could you please send me a .MOBI version of Richard Baxter’s ‘ The Cure of Melancholy and Overmuch Sorrow, by Faith’? I’m a christian artiste currently working on an album focusing on this topic & i would treasure Baxter’s teaching on it.
    As always, thanks.

  21. Andries says:

    I just want to find out wether the following book is available, CH Spurgeon’s Treasury of David (Psalms), Zondervan.

    Thank You

  22. Richard Haddock says:

    Can you put these books from email to iBooks.

  23. Richard Haddock says:

    Could you send Baxter’s Directions for young
    Christians and J.C. Ryle’s complete book of Holiness in ePub format? Thank you for this invaluable service.

  24. rg.guillermo says:

    Hi, may I have:

    * Works of Jonathan Edwards (what volume is this?)
    * The Death of Death by John Owen
    * The Plagues of Plagues by Ralph Venning

    all in MOBI. Thanks!

  25. Des says:

    Hi All, will you please send me, CD Cole, The Bible Doctrine of Election

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