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The Plight of Man And the Power of God

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“We must rouse ourselves and realize afresh that though our Gospel is timeless and changeless, it nevertheless is always contemporary. We must meet the present situation and we must speak a word to the world that none else can speak.” ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones


Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ preaching always had an emphasis on the desperate plight of man and the power of God to save. His preaching was crystal clear on the sovereignty of God in the salvation of sinners, a concept that does not sit comfortably in our day of pragmatism, programmes and self-help books. Nevertheless it remains at the core of what the world needs to hear. Based on Romans chapter 1, this wonderful book will help you understand what the gospel is. As we live in a world that seems to be spiraling out of control, you will want to hear this message again and again.


1. The Religious History of Mankind
2. Religion and Morality
3. The Nature of Sin
4. The Wrath of God
5. The Only Solution

“On the whole, what we have in these five expositions is the Gospel explained with great clarity and hope.” ~ Mark Dever.

Part 1 of this eBook contains 158 Expositional Sermons on Paul’s Epistle to theExposition Of The Epistle To The Romans

Romans chapters 1-8, by John Piper. (Part 2: Chapters 9-16 coming soon D.V.)

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Piper Comments:

My prayer and my longing is that the structure of truth – the vision of reality – in this book would become the structure of your mind and your vision of reality. That you would think about God and sin and Christ and life the way the apostle Paul does – the way God does. And that you would thus become a humble lion-hearted alien and exile in this world, ready to lay down your life for the glory of Christ and the salvation of sinners.

An Exposition Of The Sermon On The Mount A.W. Pink

An Exposition Of The Sermon On The Mount A.W. Pink

Pink writes, “We do not think that W. Perkins went too far when he said of the Sermon on the Mount, ‘It may justly be called the key of the whole Bible, for here Christ opens the sum of the Old and New Testaments.’…[W]e regard this Sermon as a forecast and an epitome of the entire oral ministry of Christ, that it summarizes the general tenor of His whole teaching.” The Sermon the Mount is the longest recorded discourse of Christ, and is intensely practical in its bearing. Over the course of 64 chapters, Pink moves through Matthew 5-7 verse by verse, offering illuminating commentary and application for this well-loved passage of Scripture.

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Please. If you have a stirring for the deeper things of scripture and the interior life in Christ, pick this up. Arthur W. Pink opens up this most well known sermon, challenging our modern interpretation of it birthed from our desire (even us as leaders) to heap up for ourselves teachings that will appeal to the natural man. He courageously inspires the reader to instead side with (more…)