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An Exposition Of The Sermon On The Mount A.W. Pink

An Exposition Of The Sermon On The Mount A.W. Pink

Pink writes, “We do not think that W. Perkins went too far when he said of the Sermon on the Mount, ‘It may justly be called the key of the whole Bible, for here Christ opens the sum of the Old and New Testaments.’…[W]e regard this Sermon as a forecast and an epitome of the entire oral ministry of Christ, that it summarizes the general tenor of His whole teaching.” The Sermon the Mount is the longest recorded discourse of Christ, and is intensely practical in its bearing. Over the course of 64 chapters, Pink moves through Matthew 5-7 verse by verse, offering illuminating commentary and application for this well-loved passage of Scripture.

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This review is from: The Hardcover Edition.
Please. If you have a stirring for the deeper things of scripture and the interior life in Christ, pick this up. Arthur W. Pink opens up this most well known sermon, challenging our modern interpretation of it birthed from our desire (even us as leaders) to heap up for ourselves teachings that will appeal to the natural man. He courageously inspires the reader to instead side with (more…)

The Life Of Christ

The Life Of Christ

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Every once in a while we need to stop and ask ourselves the question “what’s it all about…?” or, rather, as in this instance “Who’s it all about…?” The answer, to both these questions, is the same – “It’s all about Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Son of Man”.  Dr Farrar will help you in your quest to get to know the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, in a way that, perhaps up until now, you have never really known Him.

Frederic Farrar was a well-known British preacher who lived from 1831 to 1903 and served—among other places—as minister of London’s famed Westminster Abbey and later as Dean of Canterbury. “His ability to blend historical details with biblical facts” drew huge crowds to listen to his sermons.

Farrar makes Christ’s life on earth come alive. He puts you in the First Century. You feel as though (more…)

Family Worship

Family Worship a free Christian ebook

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Joel R. Beeke presents a heartfelt plea for the renewal of family worship in Christian homes. The family is modeled after the very being of God, providing a divine foundation for family worship from creation. This is not a mere idealistic suggestion for the godly family, but is presented in Scripture as a solemn duty. With great pastoral care, the author gives valuable insights into implementing family worship, answers common objections raised against it, and motivates the reader to follow through with it faithfully.

Here are some suggestions to help you establish God-honoring Family Worship in your homes. We trust this avoids two extremes: an idealistic approach that is beyond the reach of even the most God-fearing home, and a minimalist1 approach that abandons daily Family Worship because the ideal seems so out of reach.

Keeping The HeartClick here for a copy: Keeping The Heart

Solomon calls us to “Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.” (Proverbs 4:23 – ESV) It is this text that is the foundation for ‘Keeping the Heart’; or, to use Solomon’s language, this verse is the spring from which the waters of Flavel’s writing flow in this classic work.

John Flavel (1628-1691) was a Puritan pastor, who laboured for almost the whole of his ministry in the busy seaport of Dartmouth in Devon, England, and knew much opposition and persecution because of his faithful preaching of the gospel. His writings have been much loved by Jonathan Edwards, George Whitfield, Robert Murray M’Cheyne and Andrew Bonar.

He says in his introduction:

The heart of man is his worst part before it is regenerated, and the best afterward; it is the seat of principles, and the foundation of actions. The eye of God is, and the eye of the Christian ought to be (more…)

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Now known as: “The Plague of PlaguesThe Sinfulness Of Sin”, by Ralph Venning
We cannot understand the Christian Gospel until we know what sin is. Yet modern secular counsellors urge us to ignore both the word and what it tells us about our rebellion against God and His law. Sadly, the church too often serves as an echo chamber for such cheap and short-sighted wisdom. Its literature spreads the message that all is well, but it is only when we begin to see our sinfulness that we are able to discover God’s forgiveness.

Although ‘The Sinfulness Of Sin’ was written three hundred years ago, it remains an oasis of truth in a desert of lies. First published in the aftermath of the Great Plague of London and entitled ‘Sin, The Plague of Plagues’, this book gives a crystal-clear explanation of what sin is, why it is so serious, and what we need to do about it. Here is reliable medicine for a fatal epidemic.

Synopsis: The doctrine of sin is a doctrine that pervades every part of the bible from Genesis to Revelation, and helps to shape and define every other aspect of biblical teaching. Without an understanding of the utter sinfulness of sin, redemption is not so great, grace is not so mighty, salvation is not so sweet, the work of the God-man is not so powerful. The need for an exhaustive treatment on the biblical teaching of the horrific extent of sin is, therefore, an eminently needful and salutary thing; and thankfully, that need has already been admirably fulfilled in Ralph Venning’s classic work, The Sinfulness of Sin.

 Review: The Sinfulness of Sin, by Ralph Venning

Reviewed by Nathan Pitchford (more…)

Click here for a copy: The Soul Winner

How to Lead Sinners to the Saviour.

“We want, in the Church of Christ, a band of well trained sharp shooters, who will pick the people out individually, and be always on the watch for all who come into the place, not annoying them, but making sure they do not go away without having had a personal warning, a personal invitation, and a personal exhortation to come to Christ.” (p.135)

Review of CH Spurgeon’s The Soul Winner (Eerdmans)

‘Even if I were utterly selfish, and had no care for anything but my own happiness, I would choose, if I might, under God, to be a soul-winner, for never did I know perfect, overflowing, unutterable happiness of the purest and most ennobling order, till I first heard of one who had sought and found a Saviour through my means. I recollect the thrill of joy which went through me!’

This is just one of many quotes one might select from this riveting book that illustrates the passion of Spurgeon to communicate the gospel message. This is not an intentionally autobiographical book but we get clear insight into Spurgeon’s own priorities in life and ministry, as well as a pretty obvious clue as to why he was able to build the world’s largest evangelical church of the 19th century.

Won’t you get this book and be impacted by one of the truly great church leaders of a former generation? Your neighbour may well thank you for it!


Spurgeon devoted more than forty years of preaching to the task of soul-winning. Taken from Spurgeon’s manuscripts, The Soul Winner contains lectures delivered on the subject to the students of Pastors’ College. The first six chapters contain the college lectures, along with four addresses delivered to Sunday school teachers, open-air preachers, and others gathered at the Monday evening prayer meetings at the Metropolitan Tabernacle.

CONTENTS (more…)

Click here for a copy: The Holy Spirit

Why did Christ tell his disciples, “it is to your advantage that I go away” (John 16:7)? The answer to this question is found in the person and work of the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity. In this comprehensive study Pink develops that answer from the rest of Scripture to the great benefit of every believer.

Pink’s writings should be part of every Christian’s study library. A practical theologian with a pastor’s heart, Pink has shaped the thinking of a generation of believers.


In this comprehensive study, Pink considers every verse in the Bible that touches on the subject of the Holy Spirit and finds that it is essential to both the doctrine and practice of believers. As he states in the introduction, “Not at all too strong was the language of Samuel Chadwick when he said, ‘The gift of the Spirit is the crowning (more…)

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“Thomas Watson’s Body of Practical Divinity is one of the most precious of the peerless works of the Puritans; and those best acquainted with it prize it most. Watson was one of the most concise, racy, illustrative, and suggestive of those eminent divines who made the Puritan age the Augustan period of evangelical literature. There is a happy union of sound doctrine, heart-searching experience and practical wisdom throughout all his works, and his Body of Divinity is, beyond all the rest, useful to the student and the minister.”  C. H. Spurgeon

Product  Description:

A Body of Divinity deals with the foremost doctrinal and experimental truths of the Christian Faith. It is based on the Westminster Assembly’s “Shorter Catechism,” in which the main principles of Christianity that lie scattered in the Scriptures are brought (more…)