03. Kindle e-books outselling print books on Amazon


Amazon has a press release out (found on Engadget [1]) indicating that it is now selling 105 Kindle e-books (not counting freebie downloads) for every 100 print books it sells in the US. It also reports that the ad-supported Kindle With Special Offers is the current best-selling Kindle device.

Meanwhile, FutureBook reports that for every 100 hardback books Amazon has sold in the UK, it has sold 242 Kindle e-books [2]. (There doesn’t seem to be an equivalent comparison to all print titles such as the one on the US press release, however, making it hard to make a comparison.)

The press release also notes that over 790,000 of the Kindle Store’s 950,000 e-books are priced at $9.99 or less, meaning people who don’t want to put up with agency priced hardcovers have plenty of reasonably-priced alternatives to choose from.

It’s impressive that Amazon is managing to move that many e-books. It will be interesting to see how rumored changes including tablets and EPUB compatibility affect the rate of e-book adoption.

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