Latest eBook Offering From Search and Trace

Posted: May 31, 2012 in Christian Life, Pastoral Theology, Preaching, Sovereignty of God

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1. Homiletics and Pastoral Theology By William G.T. Shedd


Shedd explores not only the intellectual responsibilities of clergy, but also the pastoral function of leadership. Although Shedd is often remembered as a theologian and historian, he also devoted his writing to the theory and practice of preaching. He forcefully argues that rhetorical elegance—the kind required for good preaching—is not merely a matter of aesthetics, but of ethics. He describes the relationship between eloquence and exegesis, the process of choosing a text and crafting a sermon, and the nature of extemporaneous preaching. The second half of this volume defines and explains the relationship between preaching and pastoral theology.

Dr. W.G.T. Shedd expounds almost every aspect of preaching, analyzing its nature, outlining the main features which should characterize powerful preaching and describing the approach, plan, actual construction and refinements of a sermon. This volume was used for many years as a standard textbook in several theological seminaries throughout the United States.

The second part of the volume is devoted to the vital subject of Pastoral theology. Here Shedd is equally thorough and deals with the essential character of a minister, his way of life, his duties, his work of visitation and finally, his work of catechizing his people so as to be informed as to their progress and position in relationship to the preaching.

  1. Rod Thomas says:

    yes please!

  2. bsthames says:

    Thank you search and trace for being right on time. I’m on my way to the site to pick up my copy now…

  3. Neil Henry says:

    Kindly forward a copy of Shedd’s book – much appreciated!

  4. Allen says:

    Please send me a copy.

    Thank you

  5. Des says:

    Hi All
    Please send me a copy of Shedd’s book. Thank you.

  6. Johan says:


    Please send me a copy of William GT Shedd’s book

  7. ALLAN says:


    Please send me the free William GT Shedd’s book.


  8. Tim Millward says:

    Please may I have John Piper’s book.

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