Lectures to My Students (4 vols.) By C.H. Spurgeon

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Preaching, Reference

Lectures To My Students By C.H. SpurgeonClick on the Volume number below for a copy:

Lectures to My Students contains the ultimate how-to guide for preachers. It covers the basics of preaching, the use of illustrations, the mechanics of sermon delivery, and much more.

Volume 1 covers the basics of preaching, such as the nuts-and-bolts of choosing a text and composing a sermons.

Spurgeon compiled a second volume of Lectures in response to the overwhelmingly positive reception of his first volume. Volume 2 contains detailed lectures on the role of the Holy Spirit during sermon preparation and delivery. Spurgeon also writes at length about the practical mechanics of sermon delivery, such as vocal inflection, hand gestures, eye contact, and attention to posture.

Volume 3 of Spurgeon’s Lectures teaches preachers how to use illustrations and stories within their sermons. Preaching, at its most basic level, helps the congregation find their place in the narrative arc of Scripture, making storytelling an integral component. This volume reveals Spurgeon’s method of artfully integrating illustrations and stories into his sermons, along with other creative ways to make the text come alive.

Volume 4 contains Commentary and Commentaries, one of the most cited reference works on Bible commentaries, with notes and background information for thousands of volumes of Scripture commentaries.

Charles Spurgeon is one of the church’s most famous preachers and Christianity’s most prolific writers. During his decades-long ministry in nineteenth century England, Spurgeon preached thousands of sermons, heard by millions of listeners. He devoted his life to the clear exposition of the Bible, and led the Metropolitan Tabernacle to become the largest church of its time. More than one hundred years after his death, Charles Spurgeon continues to exert powerful influence in the church and around the world. He remains a model preacher for pastors of every age.

  1. slvrmoongirl says:

    C.H. Spurgeon! Please add me to your list of recipients. I love his writings! Thanks so much for what you do. I know that I say that almost every time, but I am so appreciative to be able to read these classics! I tell everyone that I know to sign up for your services.

  2. Mike C. says:

    can I get a copy?

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    Please send me a copy of this book . Thanks

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    May I have a copy of this? 🙂 Thank you!!! 😀

  5. Jim Downie says:

    Thank you I would love a copy of this. I’m a pastor and will forward your e.mail to the men in our church who preach and lead that they may be blessed also with this amazing resource tool. God’s richest blessings in His service….Jim

  6. John Kim says:

    May I have a copy of this?

  7. Please can you send me a free PDF copy.

  8. Tobie says:

    Hi. Please send me a copy. Thank you!

  9. Tobie says:

    Hi. Please end me a copy. Thank you!

  10. ALLAN says:

    Please send me the free pdf books!

  11. Neil Henry says:

    A great resource – kindly foward a copy; I’ll include my gmail address: neilshenry@gmail.com

  12. Enslin van Velden says:

    Please send me: lectures to my students: CH Spurgeon

  13. egkerk says:

    a Clasic and a must for all prachers

  14. bsthames says:

    Please send me a copy of these Spurgeon lectures.

  15. Frikkie says:

    Hi, can I have a copy as well? Thanks.

  16. Dave Kelland says:

    Please let me have an E-Copy of this really great set.

  17. Lucretia says:

    wow -what a blessing – pse send – thank u

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    May I have this lecture, please!

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    I would really appreciate having these. Many thanks!

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    This would be a wonderful addition to my ebook library. Thank you!

  21. Marlene Thomas says:

    I would love a copy please and God bless your ministry.

  22. Andrew says:

    Yes please! thx

  23. An inspiration to generations of people…

  24. Rod Thomas says:

    Yes please!

  25. Hi. I have been longing for ths title. Please send me .MOBI version for my kindle app. I would really appreciate that.

  26. Vasil Vasilev says:

    I would love a copy, please! Thank you!

  27. Rod Capon says:

    Please would you send me a copy of Spurgeons Lectures. Thanks so much

  28. Allen says:

    Can you please send me a copy, because he is one of my favourite authors.

    God bless

  29. Ands says:

    please send me a copy

  30. Andrew Elliott says:

    Please send me a copy of Lectures to My Students. Spurgeon is so helpful

  31. Julian says:

    Thank you for the invite to receive Spurgeons ‘Lectures to my Students.” Please may we confirm our request for the 4 Volumes.
    Many thanks!

  32. karl says:

    can you send me a copy ,please.
    thank you

  33. Robyn Lothian says:

    I’d love a copy of such a classic! Please and thank you:-)

  34. mkadam68 says:

    Excellent resource. May I also get a copy?

  35. Could I get these also? Thanks yet again.

  36. Deon Malan says:

    thank you for the offer.
    Please forward me a copy.
    Thank you

    Deon Malan

  37. christothereformer says:

    Good day, will you please send Spurgeon’s Lectures to my Students to my email address? Thank you.

  38. Prem D. Harriardass says:

    Dear Searchandtrace family
    Thank you for such an “awesome” ministry. I greatly appreciate it. Please let me have Mr. Spurgeon’s 4 vol. set. I have fowarded the mail to some brethren.

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    Spurgeon! Yes please!

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  43. slvrmoongirl says:

    Is this volume 2? If so, I would love a copy!


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    Please send me Spurgeon’s Lectures To My Students!
    Thank you

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    a treasure! please send me a copy.
    thank you so much

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    Please send me a copy.
    With thanks

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    Hi, would love to have this reference. Many thanks

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    Please add me to the list of people to get a copy. Very grateful and thankful.

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    Would enjoy an ebook copy of Lectures. Thanks!

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    a volume you must have

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    I would love to have a copy of Lectures to My Students (4 vols.) By C.H. Spurgeon
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  54. Kenny Chiwarawara says:


    Please send me this useful resource.

  55. Troy says:

    I love CHS – please send his ‘Lectures’. I will gladly receive it.

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    I’d love to receive a copy please.

    God Bless,

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  58. Theunis Moller says:

    May I please request the four copies of “Lectures to my students” to my e-mail in e-book format or any format which will be supported by Apple Mac.
    Thank you and Thank You

  59. Nicole says:

    please send me copy

  60. Enslin van Velden says:

    please send me : Lectures to my students by CH Spurgeon

  61. yahwe56 says:


    I am a dedicated student of Charles H Spurgeon’s works. I do have classic titles on my bookshelf, some dated 1862 to 1870 and others works of CH Spurgeon.
    Please add me to your list and send me copies of the “Lectures to my students”, all volumes, by the Prince of Preachers, Charles H Spurgeon.
    I shared your services to a few of my friends and colleagues.

    Much appreciated

  62. vids Thorne says:

    Yes please send me these lectures by CH Spurgeon.
    God bless

  63. […] Lectures to My Students (4 vols.) By C.H. Spurgeon(searchandtrace.wordpress.com) […]

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    Please send me a copy. Thank you

  65. yes pls send me a copy!

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  67. clintonjung says:

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    Bless you, I would like to read these 🙂

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    Please send me this, Tx, Horst

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    Just woke up…eh, is this offer still available?
    Plse let me know.

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