Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God By Jonathan Edwards

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Though first, delivered 250 years ago, Edwards’s most memorable sermon is no less needed today. Far more than a depicition of the punishments of hell, it is a call to personal salvation through Christ and spiritual revival in our time. 

From the Back Cover

Heaven or Hell? Christ has thrown the door of mercy wide open, and He stands crying out to all to accept His call. Jonathan Edwards presents a clear picture of the predicament of every sinner and lukewarm Christian. Through his words, you can discover much about what it means to follow God. He shows how you can…* Know you have God’s favor
* Avoid the tricks of the Devil
* Understand more about what sin really is
* Avoid the destruction that awaits sinners
* Realize the need for immediate action
* Be an intercessor
* Find your reward in heavenWith compelling words and imagery, Edwards describes the shaky position of those who do not follow Christ and God’s urgent call to receive His love and forgiveness today.”Whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”––John 3:16 NIV

The writings of Edwards reveal a man who spoke much more on the grace and mercy of God then of His wrath. But really, the two go hand in hand. There’s no need for God to be merciful if there’s no eternal wrath to fear. There’s no need for God to show grace to human beings if there’s nothing bad enough in human beings to warrant divine punishment. It is impossible to adequately discuss God’s mercy and grace without also dwelling very intently on the wretchedness of man and the divine justice that must be exacted if we believe that God is perfectly holy. This is the context in which this sermon by Edwards was given. He was invited to preach at a church that was spiritually dead and dominated by a spirit of skepticism and a deeply entrenched disbelief in the need for radical personal conversion. Such is the attitude that can be found in many churches today. Yet contrary to what happens each Sunday in these kind of churches all across America, the preacher at this particular church found such comfortable skepticism not to be a virtue of an enlightened congregation, but as a cancer that ensured that many in his church would go unsaved if things didn’t change. Enter Jonathan Edwards, and his sermon to this church on that day changed the people in that church and made a lasting impact on American Christianity that is felt to this day.(Reviewer: J. F Foster.)
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    Great stuff

  3. André says:

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    Could I have a copy as well? Thanks much.

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