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For a copy click here: A Holy Ambition: To Preach Where Christ Has Not Been Named

This short paperback is a missions primer of collected sermons from John Piper to help you cultivate a holy ambition for the name of Christ to be proclaimed among the unreached and unengaged peoples of the world.


This collection of missions-oriented sermons by John Piper, compiled by Desiring God, challenges you to consider and cultivate a holy ambition to preach Christ where he has not yet been named.

The apostle Paul had a holy ambition – to preach the gospel to (more…)

To receive a copy click here: “A Retrospect”

A Retrospect” – An autobiographical sketch written by Hudson Taylor in which several of the key stories from his life are collected in this smaller volume. Stories that tell how the Spirit of God molded him into the servant that God used to change a nation.

Hudson Taylor is often referred to as the father of modern missions. He was a missionary to China for 51 years, and founded the China Inland Mission (CIM) in 1865, which is now the modern day OMF International.

It was said of him: ‘No other missionary in the nineteen centuries since the Apostle Paul has had (more…)

To receive a copy click here: The Sovereignty of God

The Sovereignty of God – by AW Pink

“There is no attribute more comforting to His children than that of God’s Sovereignty.” – CH Spurgeon

Who’s in control of this world—God or the devil? In this best-selling classic, A.W. Pink answers such profound questions in a language the average Christian layperson will find not only understandable but totally engaging. Pink, one of the most influential evangelical authors of the 20th century, writes with fiery passion and brilliant clarity, giving biblical answers to our deepest questions regarding the “sadly neglected and little understood” doctrine of the sovereignty of God.

This book may be overwhelming, but it is certain that its many printings have been used of God to convince people of His sovereignty… It is an important stone to guide the steps of those who are not yet convinced of God’s absolute sovereignty over all persons and events. (more…)

Click here to order a copy: Essential Truths of the Christian Faith

A Review:

R. C. Sproul’s ‘Essential Truths’ is just that: essential. For anyone new to the Christian faith, or for anyone seeking answers to what Christians believe, this book will be a welcome read.

Sproul tackles all of the major tenets of Christianity from “Who is God” to “What is Heaven like?” What does baptism mean? What is sanctification? Should I obey the government? etc.

The book contains 102 chapters, none of which runs more than three or four pages. The bite-sized chunks are perfect for personal daily reading or for group study. Each chapter also contains (more…)

Click here for a copy: Select Sermons of George Whitefield

Description:Whitefield was not only the greatest preacher and orator of the eighteenth century, he was also one of its most saintly characters, if not the saintliest of all. Certainly there was no more humble or lovable man amongst them. What can be more profitable, next to the Bible itself, than to read something of the life of such a man and to read his own words!

George Whitefield – Revival Preacher

Struggling to achieve salvation through his own efforts, the Gloucester-born student, George Whitefield, at the age of twenty, read The Life of God in the Soul of Man, written by a 17th century Puritan divine, Henry Scougal. Near death for seven weeks because of his (more…)

Click here for a copy:  The Beatitudes

Charles Haddon Spurgeon had this to say about the writings of Thomas Watson: “There is a happy union of sound doctrine, heart-searching experience and practical wisdom throughout all his works…”

The Beatitudes

By: Thomas Watson

An exposition of Matthew 5:1-12


Christian Reader,
I here present you with a subject full of sweet variety. This Sermon of Christ on the Mount is a piece of spiritual (more…)

Get a copy here: Smith’s Bible Dictionary

Smith’s Bible Dictionary By: William Smith

Educated in classical literature and proficient in Latin and Greek, William Smith pursued the study of lexicography, or dictionary-making. He successfully published over five subject dictionaries during his lifetime and eventually became the editor of London’s Quarterly Review.

Smith’s Bible Dictionary is a comprehensive A to Z glossary of Biblical names, concepts, places, objects, and technical terms. Organized alphabetically by first letter, this dictionary provides a simple method of understanding Biblical terminology. For each word, Smith indicates where (more…)

Click here for a copy: Spiritual Growth

In answer to the question, “Which books have most influenced his life?” John MacArthur lists A.W. Pink’s “Spiritual Growth” in the top 10.


When someone becomes a disciple of Christ their most important concern in life becomes, “how may I please and honour the Lord who has saved me?” How can someone assess their spiritual progress and what means has God ordained for their spiritual maturation? As in all of his books, A.W.Pink has many keen insights on this Biblical subject. For example, on p.116, he writes perceptively, (more…)