John Calvin’s Commentaries On Old & New Testament – Free

Posted: January 15, 2012 in Commentaries
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Multi-volume set

Dear friend, Charles Spurgeon could not speak too highly of Calvin’s commentaries on the Old & New Testaments. If Spurgeon knew that these commentaries were available for FREE and yet still not used by every serious Christian he would be struck speechless of that I am certain!

Ask for any number of  this 22 vol set and we will send it to you electronically free of charge.

“It would not be possible for me too earnestly to press upon you the importance of reading the expositions of that prince among men, JOHN CALVIN! I am afraid that scant purses may debar you from their purchase, but if it be possible procure them…” C.H. Spurgeon

  1. Hartmut Dedekind says:


  2. ramesh says:

    hi, i would like to have acopy of this book

  3. André says:

    Please may I have a copy of this book (Volume 1-5).
    Thank you.

  4. André says:

    Please may I have a copy of this book.
    As many as you can send me at a time please (starting from volume 1).
    Thank you.

    • Hello André,
      We trust that you will be blessed in reading these books. Please do to tell others about our services so that a wider community can also freely receive.
      Please don’t forward the pdf books on to others but rather tell them to visit our site themselves (if possible). The reason for this is that the more visitors we have to our site the better our ranking is with the search engines which in turn improves our chances of being found by those who could benefit from our services.
      Your friends at Search & Trace.

  5. André says:

    may i have the next few volumes please?
    i have 1.thank you

  6. Shadi Saad says:

    Please send me a free copy

  7. karl walters says:

    please send me a copy by john calvins commentaries on the old & new testament
    thank you
    God bless

  8. JSB says:

    Enjoy reading Calvin. Great Theologian! Please send copy of Phillipians, Thank you kindly.

  9. egkerk says:

    The commentaries that are very scares Please send me a copy Thanks Gerrie

  10. Esekhile Princewill says:

    Please i would Love His Commentaries on 1st And 2nd Peter, Romans

  11. James Mill says:

    I would love to get all 22 volumes. Is this in epub?

    In Him,


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