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An invaluable resource for counselling on very important matters.

This is what J. I. Packer has to say about it:
“This is the work of a very wise man with a very clear vision of God’s ideal for marriage and family. Simple and short, but deep, this is one of the best books available on handling our sexuality in a way that honors God.”

In A Plea for Purity: Sex, Marriage & God – Arnold addresses the pain resulting from broken relationships and the misuse of sexual intimacy. He provides fresh biblical insights into critical issues including the sacredness of sex, the struggle against temptation, the decision to remain single or to marry, child rearing, and divorce and remarriage. A Plea for Purity offers hope, healing, and a new beginning to those who have experienced discouragement or failure.

  1. Basil O' Connell - Jones says:

    Pse send me a copy thanks

  2. Hi Basil,

    Please enjoy the book.

    All resources will be delivered electronically and free of charge.

    All we ask for in return is that you tell your friends about our services and that you promote us on your social networking sites–e.g. FaceBook, Twitter, etc.

    Your friends at searchandtrace.

  3. André says:

    Please may I have a copy of this book.
    Thank you.

  4. CHENG says:

    pls send bk. thx

  5. André says:

    please send me this book

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